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Mediation is a better alternative than ending up in court

June 1, 2021 Speech Box

“When I won the Golf Challenge in South Africa, I asked my wife if she’d like a designer dress or diamonds as a present?” But she said, ‘No, I want a divorce.’  “I said, ‘I wasn’t planning on spending that Read more …

Chinese government tries to lower divorce rates using a 30 day cooling off period

May 28, 2021 Speech Box

It was really interesting to read here about the introduction of a ‘cooling off’ period for couples wishing to divorce, in China. According to a new law the Communist Party of China introduced in January, Chinese couples looking to divorce Read more …

Jab or no jab – what’s the law on vaccinating children?

May 25, 2021 Speech Box

I am being asked more and more frequently what the legal position is with regard to vaccinating minor children, where their parents cannot agree. There have been two recent cases which have shed light on the situation although unfortunately they Read more …

After 27 years Bill and Melinda Gates agree to end their marriage

May 21, 2021 Speech Box

Earlier this month the news agency Reuters announced that Bill Gates, 65, who co-founded Microsoft, and his wife, co-founders of one of the world’s largest private charitable foundations, filed for divorce after 27 years of marriage pledging to continue their Read more …

Divorcing in retirement is more common than you might think

May 14, 2021 Speech Box

There is sadly an increasing upward trend for those in retirement to divorce. That this could involve anyone with whom we are familiar was brought home to me with the news that Sir Trevor Macdonald, the 81 year old former Read more …

Divorces aren’t overtaking marriages, are they?

May 10, 2021 Speech Box

Al Arabiya which covers news in the United Arab Emirates has published a story saying in Dubai marriages and divorces have been suspended “until further notice” to avoid gatherings that could spread the disease. Justice Khaled al-Hawsni of the Family Read more …

Barclay v Barclay and the right of privacy v the right of freedom of expression

May 10, 2021 Speech Box

In the divorce case of Lady Hiroko Barclay and Sir Frederick Barclay the judgment was delivered in private. However, the judge gave leave for a limited judgment to be published. Why? The judgment relates to the final hearing in March Read more …

Domestic Abuse Bill receives Royal Assent

May 7, 2021 Speech Box

The landmark Domestic Abuse Bill received Royal Assent on April 29 strengthening measures to tackle domestic abuse and giving police new powers to protect victims. For the first time there is a definition of domestic abuse which includes offences beyond Read more …

Series three of divorce lawyer drama The Split to return to BBC 1

May 5, 2021 Speech Box

Believe me when I tell you Family Law isn’t all as glamorous or high stakes as the BBC’s drama series The Split makes out. Nonetheless I’m delighted the BBC has confirmed that the programme is returning for a third season Read more …

Gaslighting and coercive control

April 28, 2021 Speech Box

Do you know a victim of gaslighting? It’s a form of coercive control that is surprisingly recognisable once you acknowledge its existence. Clients who come to us having experienced this type of abuse by their partner are invariably in a Read more …

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