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Parenting through a separation

December 2, 2021 Speech Box

Resolution is a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way. The membership of Resolution consists of a group of 6,500 family law professionals who support Resolution’s code of practice Read more …

Are court delays trapping the victims of coercive control to keep on living with their abusers?

November 1, 2021 Speech Box

Few people outside the justice system – and victims of domestic abuse itself – realise just how damaging are the current delays in the justice system. My colleague David Hodgson, a Partner in our Family & Divorce team has followed up the article Read more …

If you’re separated, what are your parental responsibilities for your children?

October 1, 2021 Speech Box

Sadly, if a relationship has broken down, and where there are children, a client’s first question is often what are their legal rights and responsibilities for their family, writes my colleague David Hodgson, a Partner in our Family & Divorce team. If there’s Read more …

Keeping up with the Kardashians and avoiding ‘pity parties’ for the children

September 23, 2021 Speech Box

It’s not often that I would turn to Kris Kardashian for insight on divorce but these comments given in a recent interview will ring true with most people: “I think the most important thing I learned through my experience, both Read more …

Courts could force children to have Covid vaccine if parents can’t agree

September 23, 2021 Speech Box

I am being asked more and more frequently what the legal position is with regard to vaccinating minor children, particularly in instances where their parents cannot agree. The Courts will most likely find in favour of children having the Covid-19 Read more …

Maintenance payments for children at university or college

September 1, 2021 Speech Box

My colleague David Hodgson, a Partner in our Family & Divorce team has revisited a subject readers of my blog will remember we’ve looked at before. Sending your child on to a Further Education College or university is a significant financial commitment. Read more …

Parental alienation and disputes about children

August 27, 2021 Speech Box

Our colleague Louise Barretto, Head of our Family team was interviewed on Thursday this week on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, discussing parental alienation, a term growing in use and increasing in frequency in cases involving disputes about children. Parental Read more …

Healing from a divorce

August 3, 2021 Speech Box

An interesting article in Psychology Today suggests it takes 12 – 24 months for most people to heal from a divorce. Whilst I won’t disagree with that what I think is equally important is the quality of professional advice you Read more …

The Akhmedov v Akhmedova saga ends

July 27, 2021 Speech Box

Regular visitors to my blog Love, Life and the Law may recall the case in March 2018 of Akhmedov  v Akhmedova, understood to involve the couple at the centre of the highest divorce award ever made in an English court. Read more …

Over 65 and over your partner, fear not

July 27, 2021 Speech Box

Many of us are aware of retired couples who have decided to divorce from their long term spouses. It’s hardly surprising, as we are all living longer, as a rule, and whilst the state pension age is increasing so are Read more …

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