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Monthly Archives: June 2013

“Cheats charter”

June 20, 2013 Speech Box

The recent Supreme Court decision in Prest was long awaited by family lawyers because it related to the use by the husband of several different companies that he controlled to move his assets from his personal name to those companies Read more …

Court terminates father’s parental responsibility

June 12, 2013 Speech Box

In the first reported case on the issue since 1995, the court has terminated the Parental Responsibility of a father who had been imprisoned for sexual abuse of his own child’s half-sisters. The father pleaded guilty to sexual offences committed Read more …

Changing a child’s forename

June 4, 2013 Speech Box

I am often asked by parents, who are separated or divorced, whether they are able to change their child’s forename (as opposed to his/her surname) or whether they require the other parent’s consent. The Court of Appeal has given some Read more …