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Lawyers spend almost all their money on acrimonious divorce battle

October 8, 2012 Speech Box

On 19 September 2012 The Telegraph reported on the case involving two practising solicitors who spent nearly all that they owned on paying for their divorce, financial and children cases. According to reports, the husband earned in excess of £450,000 a year from his practice, and despite the fact that the couple had reportedly owned a house worth £3.2 million, at the end they were left with around only £90,000 between them.

You would have thought that being solicitors themselves, they would have had a very good idea of the amounts that they would need to spend and would have given serious consideration to resolving their disputes in a less costly way. Apparently their litigation went on for more than 5 years – imagine the stress on them both, not to mention the fact that they would have been unable to get on with their lives during that time.

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