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Latest on divorce and children

October 10, 2012 Speech Box

According to The Daily Telegraph, the Ministry of Justice figures indicate that the number of children involved in court cases where their parents are divorcing  increased by 14% in the second quarter of 2012 and the number of divorces is up by 3%.

The statistic relating to children is of great concern, and illustrates that the government’s initiative of introducing a compulsory Mediation Assessment and Information Meeting (MIAM) for anyone wanting to issue court proceedings, is not working.

The increase is significant and worrying because it means that more and more children are being exposed to conflict between their parents even in  those cases where the parents do their best to shield them. If the children involved are over 9 years of age they will need to attend court at the first hearing in any dispute about where they are to have their home (Residence) and when they are to see the other parent (Ccontact). This can be distressing for them unless they are properly prepared, and would not be necessary if the parents had elected to try and resolve matters through the Collaborative Law process or Mediation.

Of course there are always going to be those cases (I have many) where, despite many attempts, the parents need  a judge to make a decision, but this does not explain the significant increase in litigation reported.

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