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Child’s welfare and religious upbringing

October 9, 2012 Speech Box

Back in August I posted a couple of articles on the subject. The issue of a child’s religious upbringing has again come before the courts in the recent case of Re G.

In this case the parents were separated but they had both come from families who had been part of the Chassidic (Hassidic) community.

After separation the children continued to attend single sex ultra orthodox schools. The children lived with their mother but saw their father frequently.

The case came before the court because the children’s mother wanted to move them from their single sex, ultra orthodox schools to less orthodox, co-educational schools. The father did not agree to this.

The case went to the Court of Appeal where the judges looked again at what is meant by the term “child’s welfare”. The conclusion reached was that the mother’s choice of schools should prevail as they provided superior opportunities for the children. The social worker appointed by the court to provide a recommendation had supported the mother’s choice of school in part because the environment would give the children religious choices that could be made later in life.

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