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A fairytale wedding…but will it be happily ever after?

May 5, 2011 Speech Box

Wasn’t the wedding of William and Kate a wonderfully joyous occasion? The colourful pageantry, the exquisite dress, the magic which can only come from the fairy tale wedding of a Prince and his beloved.

It was all done to a T. Even the most sceptical of commentators found it difficult to criticise any aspect of the day.

But that’s all over now. Back to the here and the now. Bank holidays over for now. And it hasn’t taken long for the cynicism to set in.

The bets are now on for how long it will take for the fairy tale bubble to burst – the big ‘D’-word has already raised its head amongst the nation’s punters.

And why not? The odds are stacked in their favour.

You don’t have to look back that far in our history to find royal marriages that have very quickly gone awry. Just consider the Queen’s own children.

Her daughter, Princess Anne, was the first to walk down the aisle – and the first to be divorced. Then Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson parted company in 1996.

And most significantly for the newlyweds, the marriage of William’s own parents came to a very destructive and acrimonious end shortly after that.

The statistics – a seventy-five per cent divorce rate between siblings – doesn’t augur well. Don’t they say that divorce spawns divorce?

Those close to the couple say that divorce will never happen, that they have already been together (and apart) for eight years, and that their sense of duty is so strong that divorce would never be an acceptable option for either of them.

One thing is for sure. William and Kate will have taken good professional advice prior to the wedding to ensure that all possibilities post-wedding are considered and I expect that they would have discussed and been advised on a pre-nuptial agreement. They will seek legal guidance throughout their lives. But that doesn’t mean that divorce advice will be part of that. It will be proactive advice which will help and reassure them at key stages in their family life together.

It would easy for someone in my line of work to join the cynics’ brigade.

But I for one wish the couple a happy-ever after.

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