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Too good to be true?

April 7, 2011 Speech Box

The internet is a fantastic resource for information gathering.

I use it daily – from finding out what’s on at the theatre to looking up weird and wonderful diseases from a list of symtoms.
What did we ever do before it?

But I would never dream of self- diagnosis just because my symptoms matched those on the pages of an internet doctor. 

And for me, that should go for people who have decided that they want to begin divorce proceedings.

Yes, there are companies who can offer you the ‘tools’ you need to get a divorce – and all for as little as £37. But have you ever heard the expression “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is”?
The truth is that your circumstances – and the DNA of your relationship – are different from anyone else’s. Your finances, your personal arrangements, your children are all unique. There really is no off-the-shelf service that will do you justice.
The are two main reasons why people decide to go for the internet divorce option – time and money.

If speed is of the essence, then using the services of a solicitor can be invaluable. We know the system. We have the experience to get to the heart of the matter quickly and effectively. We can help you to make quick, yet right, decisions.

Everyone likes to save money. I know I do. But using an online divorce service, though cheap at the beginning, could potentially cost you more in the long run if you find you have overlooked something.

I can’t change what you decide to do. However, I really do hope that you think long and hard before deciding to use online divorce services.
After all, who’ll be your shoulder to cry on?

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